Is the U.S. Military Falling Apart?

The following video from Foxnews should should concern us all: “Fox Exposes Military Readiness Crisis” 

Planes are falling apart and those that maintain them have reached a point of exhaustion. But what does this mean? Spend more money? Keep making cuts?

We at the NCPA believe the government can field an effective and cost-efficient military, and have prepared a five-point plan to accomplish that goal

  1. We have shown how we could cut Pentagon bureaucracy rather than our troop levels, see that report here.
  2. We have advocated for a restructuring of the military acquisition system so our forces have the most up-to-date weapons systems available.
  3. We firmly believe active duty members should be compensated at a level that prevents them from having to use food stamps to feed their families; see that report here.
  4. We have even presented broad recommendations on how to balance the DoD budget in a manner that would save money AND keep America safe.

And we still more publications coming out soon!!

We have offered many different alternatives that improve our readiness levels while saving money. It can be done. But we need your help!

Sign our petition and tell Congress to use the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act to “Provide for the Common Defense Now!”

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One Response to Is the U.S. Military Falling Apart?

  1. James in Texas says:

    It is a known fact that if the Federal government took complete control of the Sahara Desert within a month the entire world would be having a “sand shortage”! Everything about the Fed’s is a failure except Welfare. How is it that Social Security is always said to be going broke and yet welfare and Medicare never runs out of money?

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