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Fighter Aircraft and 21st Century Threats

Chris Wiley is a Veteran and Contributing Fellow for the NCPA: “Simply put:  the A-10 Warthog’s lethality and simplicity have ensured its longevity. I will get to the specific merits of the A-10 Warthog in a bit, but we must first revisit history to reinforce my premise.  When I entered the Air Force Academy in […]

A Must See Video on Military Readiness!

The president recently threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act — the bill that annually funds our military — currently being considered in the House of Representatives.  The administration wants to continue its high level of “overseas contingency operations” without the funding and training necessary to do so. This video is a moving demonstration of why […]

Is the Iran Deal on the Rhode to Recovery?

This originally appeared in my townhall column: “I always figured a breach in the seemingly impenetrable circle surrounding the administration and its puzzling national security solutions would be the result of loose lips, rather than revulsion at the troublesome ideas circulating therein. And now deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes is trying […]

The Texas Electric Grid on U.S. National Security

I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of nearly 200 people at the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit in Austin, Texas on the importance of Texas to U.S. National Security. Watch brief highlights of my presentation here. I was joined by a host of other national security experts, like former CIA Director James Woolsey and […]