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Who Do We Value in America?

The following originally appeared in my townhall column: “In this election cycle, the liberal progressive socialist left is going to the ideological bank to tout the important issue of income inequality. We will hear the incessant calls for a $15 minimum wage, which one has to ask, why not $25? What is so magic about […]

Serious Changes Coming to Military Acquisition

“The way the military buys weapon systems needs serious reform, and it appears that the House Armed Services Committee agrees. Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) and Ranking Member Adam Smith (D-Wash.) recently introduced H.R. 4741, the Acquisition Agility Act. This legislation is a good start toward fixing a system that not only saddles taxpayers with the unnecessary costs of a broken […]

Brussels Attacks are, Unfortunately, Not Surprising

Last week Saturday, a young Marine SSgt from Temecula California lost his life due to an ISIS Katyusha rocket attack against their firebase, several other Marines were injured. That same firebase was attacked by ISIS again on Monday. Now, you may ask, what are US Marines doing in a firebase in northern Iraq, very near […]

Free Enterprise Is National Security

This originally appeared in my Townhall Column: “I am fond of saying the president seems to work harder for our adversaries than the country that elected him. But his myopic focus on appeasing the Cuban government has reached a level that defies logic. He appears more eager than ever to give the Castro regime that which […]

*IMPORTANT* Congress Responds to Iranian missile test

BREAKING: Sen. Kelly Ayote’s has just “introduced legislation to impose tough primary and secondary sanctions on every sector of the Iranian economy that directly or indirectly supports Iran’s ballistic missile program.” The bill, I fear, may be coming a little too late.  I have explained here and here why the nuclear deal may have already let the […]

NCPA Petition Making an Impact

Thanks to your help, changes are coming to Washington that align with our Provide for the Common Defense Now!  petition. As you know, we one of our five points involves reforming the “military acquisition and research and development process to eliminate significant cost overruns and guarantee warfighters receive modern weapon systems on time and under budget.” […]

Why is Russia pulling out of Syria?

Vladimir Putin is redeploying some forces out of Syria because they achieved their military objectives, strengthened Iran’s position in the region, and kept Assad in power.  Expect the leader of Russia to now turn his attention to Eastern Europe.  Putin has once again completely outmaneuvered President Obama. I discussed this at length on Fox Business this morning. […]

America faces terrifying new threat

This post previously appeared on “As reported by Fox News, “Iran is preparing to launch a new long-range rocket into outer space as soon as this weekend, U.S. officials told Fox News…Officials told Fox they have not seen this specific type of rocket launched in the past. Iran has conducted four previous space launches. […]

Where is Our Strategy?

New reports surface weekly that remind readers of the Obama administration’s mind-numbing, even nonsensical approach to U.S. national security.  The president remains determined to close Gitmo and move those prisoners to U.S. soil.  He already submitted a plan to congress in late February detailing the parameters of his plan. Unfortunately for him, the 2016 National Defense […]

Our Military Is Ready to Write – Not Ready to Fight

This column previously appeared in CNS News: “Let’s get right to the point: Congress should tailor the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to ensure that any further force reductions target the civilian ranks and headquarters staff positions across the Department of Defense.  This should be done prior to considering any more cuts to active […]