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Women and the Draft

The selective service registration for American women has become a topic of much discussion and several presidential debates. There can be no debate that the most important title of the President of the United States is Commander-in-Chief. But it is important that we also understand constitutional responsibility. The enumerated power relating to raising military force […]

Obama announces Gitmo appeasement plan

President Obama’s plan to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility is ill advised and is reflective of someone who is disconnected from the realities of global Islamic jihadism. Campaign promises should not form the basis for national security policy. The conflagration against Islamic jihadism is not a law enforcement matter but rather the prosecution of warfare […]

Russia wants to fly over U.S. homeland

The Obama Administration often criticizes its opponents for living in the past.  Yet, the president continues to see the world through the Cold War lens of a progressive – that is believing American policy is the source of the world’s ills.  Rapprochement with Cuba wrongly assumed the island nation represents 21st century Latin America, for […]

Allen West – Threats grow while military shrinks

This past week the Iranian defense minister met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now that the United States has released billions of dollars in unfrozen assets and lifted sanctions, Iran has set forth to become a dominant military power. Iran is seeking to purchase state of the art new Russian T-90 tanks and newest generation […]

Obama to visit Cuba and nothing will change

I have explained before that President Obama’s decision to restore diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba will not restore America’s credibility in the region. The president clings to a Cold War notion that Cuba represents Latin America in the 21st century, and in the same breath scolds his opponents for living in the past…see here